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Written in 10/2014

Ten Games with Trains at the Beginning

I never thought I’d say this, but apparently this site is an inspiration to people. There was the guest review a while back, and today I received an e-mail by someone who was inspired to write something about trains in games [on their blog]( It’s mostly focused on japanese games, an area with which I’m not familiar at all (although I guess I should try to change that some time), and an interesting read. Check it out!

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Written in 9/2014

Women in Games

You may have heard about all the recent hate for Anita Sarkesian, maker of the “Tropes vs. Women” series of videos that take a critical look at the representation and presentation of women characters in video games. This critical look has apparently proven very unpopular with certain elements of the internet, and she has received numerous death wishes, death threats, rape threats and so on, simply because she dared to make these videos. This is in addition to all the people declaring her incompetent because of her gender and asking her to get back in the kitchen if they’re being nice. It’s horrible depressing stuff, and recently got so scary that she felt she had to leave her home for her safety.

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Written in 8/2014

Guest review: Saints Row IV

For a while, I’ve been thinking I should do a review of Saints Row IV, a great game with some trains in it, but I was just too lazy. Imagine my delight when someone else offered to do it for me! Rob_Lane has written a [detailed critique](/articles/saintsrowiv) of a railway system that not only failed, but could never have worked in the first place.

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Written in 4/2013

New Reviews and Other Changes

Apparently there haven‘t been any major updates here since 2009 (not counting [the test post last week][gearsingames]). Which is actually exactly what my dentist told me today, too — I was way behind on getting my yearly checkups. But all is fine with my teeth, and all is fine with this site, too. In particular, I can offer two new full reviews!

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Written in 3/2013

Gears in Games

Recently, I’ve taken up 3D printing. In the course of this, I wanted to build some gears, and ended up learning more about the proper construction of these things than you, and for that matter I, would ever want to know. This also made me aware that most games handle them completely incorrectly. In many cases, it’s not easily obvious, but some examples should be obvious:

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Written in 7/2009

Someone saw this?

Interesting stuff: I just saw that a site called [Trembling Hand][th] wrote [a blog post about this little page][post]. Update: And apparently [some twitter][twitultrabril] [users][twitedge] and [Boing Boing’s Offworld][offworld] as well. No idea how they got that idea, but thanks anyway! Of course, I guess by the time I’ve written this, everybody who did find the site through that link will have left again already…

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Written in 11/2008

Not dead yet...

Hello again! You may have thought this site was completely dead. Well, not completely. There’s a review of Team Fortress 2 coming up, and of course I reserve the right to post completely random crap here as well. Today, I want to take a look at some upcoming games.

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Written in 5/2008

Age of Empires III

Good morning! [Björn][bjoern] sent me some screenshots again, this time of Age of Empires III, which appears to have a train.

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Unreal Tournament 3

[Someone][bjoern] sent me a couple of screenshots from Unreal Tournament 3 and told me I could do a review of it. Since I haven’t done too much here in ages, I jumped at the opportunity. For what it’s worth, the train is better than I would have expected.

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Best and worst train levels

I’ll be the first to admit that this site hasn’t been updated as much as it should and is more or less a failure so far. As an appeasement, here a short link someone sent to me.

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Written in 1/2008

ATM Simulation

I just found the weirdest game today. Well, not the very weirdest. That would be [Lobster Petting]( Still, Mac ATM is pretty good, too.

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Written in 11/2007

Legend finished!

Wow, that took time. Anyway, after lots of work I finally have a working Photoshop again, after [Version 7 didn’t work with Leopard]( It took longer than I wanted it to for reasons I won’t go into here, but it’s done now, and the first thing I did was to finish the damn [Tomb Raider Legend review][trlreview].

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Interstate again

Did I ever tell you about the awesomeness that is the Interstate 1982 Mod for Battlefield 1942? I think I did, [just two days ago]( Anyway, I don’t know if they just made the video or dug it up somewhere, but it’s here and it’s great, so I’m going to show it to you.

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The []( community for the Battlefield 1942 Mod Interstate 1982 is looking for new members. What can one do? Well, post about it on his own game review site, for example.

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Just a quick note: I’ve written a piece about [Dreamfall: The Longest Journey](/articles/dreamfall). As [mentioned before](/2007/11/littlesetback), I’m not currently in a position to make screen shots (working on it, trust me), but the text is done anyway.

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Guest Writer

A cool thing happened: Even before the official launch, someone volunteered to write a guest review for this site. The label “guest” describes the situation at the moment, if I can, then I’ll try to make him stay for more.

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Little Setback

I stated before that I wanted to finish the [Review of Tomb Raider Legend](/articles/tombraiderlegend) before I made this site public, where public means I’ll tell other people about it. A little problem has appeared there.

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Written in 10/2007

So it is real...

So there was someone working on Half-Life 2: Episode Two who cared about trains, only he didn’t work on all of the game. An odd engine turns out to be an actual russian engine.

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And another one

Work progresses slowly here, but it does. [The review of Half-Life 2: Episode One](/articles/halflife2episode1) is finished now, completing the Half-Life series so far.

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Review of Half-Life 2 finished

After adding one final screenshot, and a final round of editing (which probably still left in lots of stuff that should really not be in there), I’m officially declaring my [Half-Life 2 review][hl2] done.

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Slowly Starting…

So, the previous page talked about October 20th for the official release, as latest possible date. This is October 21st, and nothing is really finished yet. Ah, schedules are a mean thing.

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