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About this site is a site to take a closer look at details in video games that developers missed. It’s about all the small bits and pieces you always found odd or hilarious, and the big nonsense you’ve been mad about. I put the focus on trains, partly because I like them very much, partly because no developer seems to care about them. I [review][reviews] some games, looking at these details, and sometimes compile lists of what [everyone gets wrong][common].

Why does the world need a website about trains in games?

There are two big reasons for this. One is that there was no previous website like this available. The other is that I was bored and rather annoyed. I can understand perfectly well if you don’t need it yourself, and preferred to spend your time elsewhere.

Who makes this?

Glad you asked. I’m Torsten Kammer, currently twenty years old, and studying computer science at the [RWTH Aachen][rwth] in Germany. I expect you already found out that railroads are one of my hobbies. The others include programming, annoying people and sometimes making comics with Tomb Raider characters. If you are interested in any of this and have a little spare time, you can always visit [my homepage][feq].

Can I help?

Sure. You reading this is already a great step in the right direction. As long as I know someone is actually interested, I’ll spend far more time working on here. Please, if you like it or if you see room for improvements, just [let me know][contact]. Trust me, I’ll be very happy about that. It would also be really, really cool if you could tell your friends, link to this from your homepage, drop casual references in conversation, plant subliminal messages and so on.

If you see a game that you think ought to be reviewed here, don’t hesitate to tell me. If you can give me screenshots of whatever you deem important, you’ll make my life even easier. In the most extreme case, you can also write a review yourself. Just tell me beforehand that you plan to do so.