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New Reviews and Other Changes

Apparently there haven‘t been any major updates here since 2009 (not counting [the test post last week][gearsingames]). Which is actually exactly what my dentist told me today, too — I was way behind on getting my yearly checkups. But all is fine with my teeth, and all is fine with this site, too. In particular, I can offer two new full reviews!

![A futuristic steampunk train.](/img/dishonored/switch.jpg)

Dishonored is a stealth assassin game set in a city with a completely [nonsensical tram system](/articles/dishonored). That review has been up for a few days now, but I forgot writing an entry here about it.

![A sky rail with trains hanging from above.](/img/bioshockinfinite/skylinecars.jpg)

Meanwhile, Bioshock Infinite is a shooter telling a tale of capitalism, oppression, the american dream, alternate universes and [suspended dual-track railways](/articles/bioshockinfinite). That is probably my longest review yet.

In other news, I‘ve disabled the comments. Basically, all of them were spam, and I had no interest in dealing with that. Also gone are the ads, which never produced any revenue at all, and on the backend, I no longer use Google Analytics to track you, since I don‘t like the privacy implications.

If you do like being tracked, there are dedicated sharing buttons now, using the [Heise two-click approach](, which means that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will only track your visit here if you allow them to.

I have no idea when the next update will be; currently, there are no games that really need discussing, but a few where I started reviews and didn‘t finish them yet. As always, I‘m interested in suggestions (ideally with screenshots) or even guest writers!

Posted April 2nd, 2013, 16:57