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Hello again! You may have thought this site was completely dead. Well, not completely. There’s a review of Team Fortress 2 coming up, and of course I reserve the right to post completely random crap here as well. Today, I want to take a look at some upcoming games.

![Mirror’s Edge takes place, among other things, in subway stations][me]

The problem of course is that I have no damn clue about most games that are coming up, but there are some I’m excited about. The one I’m most excited about is Mirror’s Edge, shown above. The best description for the game is [the first trailer][trailer], which is just raw gameplay. If you don’t have the time for watching that right now, imagine the jumping and running of Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia, only in first-person. Sounds insane, looks like fun, but the problem is that while godless heathens, i.e. console owners, get it like any day now, PC users will have to wait until January.

As for the train relation, well, you see the subway up there, don’t you? As far as I can tell the type looks vaguely correct for modern south-east asia, the important question is whether it’ll have a correct third rail for electricity, since it clearly has no overhead wire.

![A third rail is normally a structure on stands right next to the rails.][berlinsbahn]

I mentioned Tomb Raider above. There’s a new one of that one as well. To be honest, I really didn’t follow the TR Underworld discussion at all. I didn’t even play the demo. It is pre-ordered (via Amazon), so I guess I’ll continue to ignore it right until I start playing it.

Finally, there’s Left 4 Dead, and I’m really not certain what to make of that. It’s a co-op zombie shooting game by Valve. Now, that would only be useful for LAN parties, and I’ve not been to many LAN parties recently. It has one thing going for it, though, and that is that it’s by Valve. As the count of games in the [reviews section of this site][reviews] should tell you, I’m a huge Valve fan, and I recently fell in love deeply with Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat Source, both games that I didn’t use to be interested in before I played them. If L4D was 20€, I’d have probably already pre-ordered it and would be playing the pre-release demo, but as it stands, I’m waiting for the demo for the rest of the world before I make a real decision based on that.

Oh, by the way

Something I neeearly forgot: If you’re into Half-Life 2’s trains, then I recommend the site I don’t understand anything the site is saying, but the pictures of russian (or at least former soviet union) trains are great. While the level of detail that Valve implemented in Half-Life 2 [can be disputed][hl2review], it seems that they managed to catch the overall look perfectly modulo the game’s storyline-based desolation.

Posted November 6th, 2008, 13:00