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The []( community for the Battlefield 1942 Mod Interstate 1982 is looking for new members. What can one do? Well, post about it on his own game review site, for example.

![If you like cars, then you’ll like Interstate. Or not.](

So what is this community about? It’s about [Interstate 1982](, a mod for Battlefield 1942 in the spirit of the video game of the same name. Back in it’s day, Battlefield 1942 had lots of great mods. Then there was the switch to Vietnam, then suddenly 2… it’s a sad story I’m gonna tell one other day. Interstate 1982 was the best of all of these. You drive around in cars with huge guns on the rooftops, battle each other, or try to get to the end of hellish race maps. It’s a completely different game, and it rocks.

![Racing parts are really mean, and they’ll take all of your skill.](

Development of the core mod stopped long ago (another long, sad story for another day), but the community, which is centered at IS82, has created thousands of add-ons and maps that continue the tradition.

![Yes, there is the occasional helicopter](

So what do I want you to do? Nothing, actually, as I know nobody is reading this. But if you do happen to read this, I’d suggest you get the game if you don’t have it already (10€ with all expansion packs at practically every story you’ll find), install the mod, join the server you’ll see at and find out what it’s all about. Should you happen to see someone named “Cochrane Mac” on there, that’s me.

If you like the mod, then go and join And, what’s even better, tell others about it! And, if that’s not enough yet, tell others about! Frankly, I can use that traffic much more than they can.

Posted November 20th, 2007, 08:45